Comparing Trump to Hitler

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In an article by the Daily News yesterday (12/8/2015), reporter Shaun King stated, “Major media outlets have taken to comparing the billionaire blowhard to Adolf Hitler, another narcissist who managed to make millions of people feel increasingly unsafe.”  The front page pictured a gesturing Trump in a “sieg heil“-like position.

hitler trump

The problem with another Hitler comparison (they always come up when someone is seen as tyrannical and mad) is it comes on the heels of Donald Trumps calling for all Muslims to be kept from entering the United States.  Hitler was NEVER publicly anti-Muslim.  He was well known to be antisemitic, which was a characteristic of his philosophy that most Arabs agreed with.  World War I had Kaiser-led Germany allied with Islamic Turkey-Syria-Palestine-Mesopotamia [a.k.a. The Ottoman Empire], with Lawrence of Arabia being a story of a Brit organizing some Bedouin tribesmen in Arabia (now Saudi Arabia) into making attacks on German supply trains, outposts and held cities.  Arab sentiment sided with the Nazis, due to their program against Jews, especially in Palestine, where the British were allowing more and more illegal immigrants (Jews) into Muslim land.  Because France and Britain controlled the Middle East prior to WWII, with the Soviet Union also bordering there, the Germans utilized pro-Nazi sentiment to limit the Middle East’s involvement against Eastern Europe strongholds.  A Hitler-like comparison might better fit Angela Merkel better, as she has welcomed Syrian refugees into Germany.

The bad press given to Hitler (much rightfully so) is one-sided, such that you rarely hear someone compared to Josef Stalin.  Stalin was just like Hitler, only worse.  Stalin was “another narcissist who managed to make millions of people feel increasingly unsafe,” well beyond the rule of Hitler.  Russian Prime Minster (for life) Vladimir Putin is Stalin-like, especially in the sense that he has used strong-arm tactics against Muslims in Chechnya. The whole Ukraine-Crimea-Georgia-Chechnya-Ossetia military actions, led by Putin, are worst than saying, “Don’t let any Muslims in those areas.”  It is like Stalin saying, “Russians are the majority there, so kill the Muslims who resist their rightful political support of the Motherland.”  Calling that Hitler-like would make Stalin roll over in his grave.

Still, calling Donald Trump Hitler-like, when Trump has no country that he rules yet, much less an Empire that stretches beyond the “Trump” brand, is giving him much more credit than he deserves.  That is unless those major media outlets know something the world does not yet know.  With the History Channel currently broadcasting new episodes of “Hunting Hitler,” maybe the last episode will have led to Donald Trump being the illegitimate son of ole Adolph – via artificial insemination into an unknowing surrogate, who was illegally snuck across the Texas border, gave birth in New Jersey and sold her baby to a NYC property tycoon.