Donald Trump is a DNC strategy

Donald Trump has toyed with the idea of running for president ever since 1992, when Bill Clinton first became president.  He instead became a supporter of Ross Perot and the Reform Party of the United States.  There was no need for Ross Perot to run for president, as far as the public being upset with where the country was headed under Daddy Bush.  The only reason Ross Perot ran in 1992 and again in 1996 was to take enough votes away from the Republican candidate, so a filthy person like Bill Clinton could get elected.

Because Ross Perot got a whopping 18.9% of the vote in 1992, Billy Boy – “Cigar Man” – Clinton won with only 43% of the votes cast.  To have a president elected with less than 50% plus one means the country ceases to be a democracy.

In 1996, when the Billster was a little worried about being re-elected, the DNC had Ross Perot run again, with Donald Trump offering himself as an alternative to Perot.  The more popular the third party candidate, the more likely he is to win over the poor, white, Bible-toting, gun-loving Americans who despise the way the DNC has catered to the black vote.  Even though Lover Boy Clinton won the endorsement of Jesse “Rhym-a-matic” Jackson (whose son learned how to steal from government from his dad) and was called the first Black President, he still needed the insurance of a Perot campaign.  That worked beautifully again, although Perot slipped to only 8.4%, just enough to allow Minority Bill to win re-election with 49.2% of the votes cast.

Still a country under a minority president, not a majority.

Even though Donald Trump tried to run for the Reform Party of the United States nomination in 2000, he dropped out, leaving Pat Buchanan to win that slot.  Buchanan won less than 1% of the popular vote (Ralph Nadar won third place honors with 2.7%).  There was less threat perceived coming from the former cocaine user, AWOL Air National Guardsman, baseball club owner and gub’ner of Texas – Baby Bush.  The V.P. of Clinton was expected to win without having to pay someone like Trump to fake a presidential campaign.  Ally Gore actually won the popular vote contest, but lost to the Bush Baby where it mattered.  Still, neither Dem nor Repub won 50% of the total votes cast (Gore: 48.4%, Bush: 47.9%).  For the first time in American History the Supreme Court elected the president (Bush) in a 5-4 decision that allowed Florida to fix the election.

Trump Clinton

Donald Trump was nowhere to be found wanting to run for president in 2004, 2008, or 2012.  Now, with the Hilda-Beest running and such a negative opinion solidly against her, Bill Clinton calls on his old pal Donald Trump to run another one of those fake campaigns that gets a president elected with less than 50% of the votes cast.  Heck, maybe Hillary can slide in at 40% and break Monica Bill’s record?

The evidence is clear:  There is no serious opposition to Hillary Clinton being the nominee for the Democratic Party.  When Donald Trump says, “I am bringing in millions of new voters to the Republican Party, people who have never voted in their lives,” that means, “Democrats who have never voted Republican are voting for Mafia Don in the primaries so the wicked witch of Arkansas can easily beat real Republicans and win the nomination … only to have them go back to never voting Republican in a general election.”

Donald Trump is an actor (a bad one, but he has been paid by television companies).  His schtick is acting like how Democrats see all Republicans as ignorant, white, gun-loving and Bible quoting men, those who are fed up with eight years of Barack Obama.  He does not need to have a real plan to win, he just needs to act like a buffoon and have that buffoonery become associated with ALL Republicans.  What Independent would choose to vote for a buffoon and feel it was okay to act that way?

If the investigations of Hillary Clinton’s treasonous acts as Secretary of State do cause her to be disqualified as an American with the right to vote ever again (much less be able to carry a weapon), the having Donald Trump actually win the Republican Party’s nomination, then the Democratic Party would have two candidates running against each other (one a Communist!).  If the Republican Party then ran a third party candidate or kicked Trump into that role, the result would be Donald Trump winning the presidency with less than 50% of the votes cast and the Republican candidate winning less than 40%.

A Donald Trump presidency would then be the fulfillment of the 1960 fix, where Joseph Kennedy sold his son John as the Mafia’s best friend in the political food chain.  While that did cause the dead to rise up and vote in Chicago, electing JFK as president, the Mafia had to blow his head off because Joe never told Bobby about the fix being in.  Having Mafia Don as president … well just imagine his cabinet.  The Don has alread mentioned fellow casino owner, Steve Winn, as “One of the brightest businessmen I know.”

All of this is quite obvious.