The Party of Lincoln

Seemed like a Trump baby was speaking to the RNC Convention crowd in Cleveland last night, making a big to-do about “the party of Lincoln” and freeing the slaves, et al, blah, blah, blah.

Besides the fact that the party of Lincoln ended after a southerner blew his brain out (at close range), one should realize how THAT Republican Party was the party of Northern Carpetbaggers, which lasted for a hundred years. A model for a Trump presidency would be Ulysses S. Grant.  He was the drunk general who was friends with the little redhead named Tecumseh Sherman, who would cut, slash and burn a path from Chattanooga, through Atlanta, and to the sea at Savannah, leaving poor southerners to starve, with poor negro slaves without any protection by his army.  THAT Republican Party would make Saddam Hussein proud, as it was murderous and uncompromising.  THAT Republican Party is more in-line with the present day Democratic Party, thus the “tongue-in-cheek” usage in a “Republican Convention,” by the son of a NYC avowed Republican.

The Republican Party of Lincoln stood for killing as many southern Americans as need be.  Lincoln had the agenda to have a strong Federal government, which could never be challenged, seeing it the Federal government’s responsibility to force the states to be united.  They had the right to secede, as John Adams had written; but Lincoln chose to wage a four-year Civil War as the only option.  He refused to grant thirteen southern states their “right” to withdraw from that union, when they found the Federal government had gotten too big for its britches.  The issue of slavery then became the mantra of THAT Republican Party, which still thrives today in the modern equivalent Democratic Party.  Neither cared about those “slaves,” just as neither cared about the lives of southern whites, who were themselves “slaves” to a plantation system.  Racism was born as a form of punishment for southern whites being born southern and white.

The Republican Party of Lincoln freed voters to elect puppet Republicans, who began decades of misery for all southerners.  Without true southerners able to vote their conscience, the Fourteenth Amendment was railroad ratified in the 38 or so states that made up the union then.  Now, 100 years later, that “Constitutional right” has become the modern Democratic Party’s cry for anchor babies, born to illegal aliens, to have the right to vote as automatic citizens.

The Southern Democratic Party (Dixie Democrats) has become the modern Republican Party, simply because there has been a polar shift from what used to denote “red and blue states.” They used to call southern politicians of power “Blue Dog Democrats.” Now, people exactly like them call themselves Republicans. They should not claim to be Lincoln lovers, because Lincoln brought misery upon the southern people (as well as the northern troops and conscripted immigrants), just as Barack Obama has and Hillary Clinton has and will. This change must be realized.

Any true southerner – any true Christian – MUST ask themselves this one question:

If my state were no longer part of the UNITED states, and it were free to elect a governor, president, prime minister, king, or supreme leader, whatever my state’s people decided it wanted to run its government, would you want one making decisions about your southern life and lifestyle to be some New York City friend of the mafia, who is always suing the people he has screwed, and always seems to find sweetheart deals that no other legitimate businessman can find?

Donald Trump is a Lincoln Republican, better stated as a NYC Carpetbagger.  He is only out for his own advancement in life, and those whose enterprises he helps launder money for.  Donald Trump is full of lies (just like Hillary and Bill and Heinz-Kerry and Reed, Schumer, Pelosi, et al) and is too dangerous a person to ever trust. The day before he announced he was running for president, he got a call from Bill Clinton – someone Trump said he has “lots of friends,” because he has given money to lots of politicians.  Imagine what was said in that conversation:

Bill: Donald, I need a favor.

Donald: What can I do for you Bill?

Bill:  It is more for Hillary.  You know her negatives are so high, she doesn’t stand a rat’s chance in hell of winning, even against some loser like Ted Cruz.  We want you to run as a Republican.

Donald: Well Bill, that would cost you.

Bill: Donald, the Democratic National Party and my foundation is ready to send voters your way, so you make an impact in the primaries.  You might lose the caucuses, but big whoop.

Donald: If I run, I want to win the nomination, not come in second or worse.

Bill: Donald, all you have to do is act like a mockery of the Republicans, and play on their ignorance.  Say some wild and crazy stuff, about loving guns, about illegal aliens, about Hillary even.  The masses will flock to you.  But, we will make sure you get lots of media attention and primary voters.

Donald: I’ll do it Bill.  But, if I lose, you and Hillary will owe me big time.

Bill:  You got it, Donald.  After all, what are friends for?