The Letters of Nostradamus

1. The Letters of Nostradamus: Realizing a Prophecy of Jesus Christ

I wrote this book in response to people saying, “Can’t you just sum up what Nostradamus wrote, without all the specific details?” The answer was to write about the contents of two letters Nostradamus wrote, which accompanied the final edition of Les Propheties: The Preface and the Letter to King Henry II of France. Those two epistles explain the systems at work in the language of the poems [quatrains], the source being from God, through Christ, and both general and specific explanation of the characters who will be in play in a future that will terrorize the world.

This book was my third attempt to publish the meaning of Nostradamus’ most famous work, but it was a first for me in two ways. First, I had written a 700+ page book that was largely based on the translations of others, although I had reordered the quatrain English translations to fit the order that the French presented. That book included a translation and interpretation of the Preface, but not the letter to Henry II of France. The first for me was a much better translation of both letters, due to my having found an Old French to Old English dictionary [Randle Cotgrave’s 1611 edition) as a tool. I, therefore, translated each word of both letters, without relying on the translations of others.

The second breakthrough was a dawning that came to me while I was in the process of translating the letter to Henry II. While my translations of the Preface had offered new insights into its meaning, the order of that letter remained intact, as a difficult to grasp letter (as to how the letter related to a thousand 4-line poems), with a clear beginning, middle, and end. As I translated each word of the letter to Henry, it dawned on me that the letter was clearly not in the original order it had to have been written in, as sections of the letter were clearly continuations of other sections, with the two separated by pages of letter text. That dawning that occurred to me meant the letter had to be divided into parts (following a logical system, based on punctuation and marks) and then reorganized into a lucid letter that explained the meaning of the quatrains [the intent of the letter was to explain just that to the king].

From my first ability to see the meaning of the individual quatrains, where each of them was free to be rearranged into a new order, where stories unfolded within a grand epic poem, the reordering of the letter to Henry II was explaining (without doing so directly), “If you want to know the meaning of the quatrains, then you have to see the need to rearrange them, just as this letter will make no sense without the same action done to it.” Thus, for the first time I realized the vital importance of reorganizing the letter to King Henry II so that it transformed from the ravings of a madman into a logical explanation of the meaning of the poems [when also reordered].

The end result from my own translations was a much clearer idea of what the letters meant, which confirmed the meaning I had seen in my attempts to reorder the quatrains into a storyline. Still, the element of teaching how to understand Nostradamus, through presenting the Old French text, and then the English translation, followed by tedious explanations of how what appears to state this actually states that is what led people to constantly interrupt and ask, “Isn’t there a sampler way?” My answer was to write in the voice of Nostradamus, as if he could fill in the blanks that were created between each word of his text. That voice, being entrapped by a 16th century world knowledge that explained a distant future shown, left it to the reader to see from the same eyes, while being able to realize comparisons to our modern age [such as “fire in the sky” easily seen today as jet planes or missiles].

This book is written in four parts, with friends telling me I should have reduced the first and fourth parts (the introduction and conclusion), as the two middle parts are where the value lies. I offer that advice to anyone interested, as I have not been transformed from common laborer to master novel author. I see [I am shown by a higher mind than my own] meaning from the words of Nostradamus and I have to write that meaning down [I am compelled to serve God], so others can find their way to see what I see. If only reading parts two and three helps maintain one’s desire to read further, then skip the boring parts.

I offer this book for $15.00 U.S., plus shipping.

I will add one aside to this edition that I offer. The final edit did not catch all grammatical errors. Those errors were corrected in the second edition, which has different cover art and a different publisher. This book was first published by a print-on-demand thief, who kept all the royalties from its book sales [I was not the only one they stole from]. That experience led me to become a print-on-demand publisher, one that only published my books, so no thieves (other than the usual suspects – retailers) would again be involved with my publications. However, I have copies still available from that learning experience, which is all I offer here, now; keeping in mind that part of the cost was from thief middleman markup, which I paid to obtain copies.


The Systems of Nostradamus

2. The Systems of Nostradamus: Instructions for Making Sense of The Prophecies

Because the reason the French have never been able to understand Les Propheties is the rules of French language (syntax) do not apply, the errors of attempting to translate Nostradamus’ most famous work from syntactical French become compounded and magnified. Nostradamus did not write a thousand rhyming poems in an effort to leave a legacy of chicanery that earned him little more than a hindsighted reputation of charlatan, who apparently had no true concept of his native tongue – French (Old as it may have been). The reality is simple: No one would write as much dribble as Nostradamus supposedly did, with no true purpose and intent.

The division of philosophy that is known as Logic has rules by which analysis of questionable material (such as Les Propheties) must be examined. Unfortunately, all logic has been tossed aside, as evidenced by the mass perception of Nostradamus that has been projected, ever since his death. No one, prior to myself (as far as I know), has ever presented the theory that Nostradamus was the equivalent of a Biblical prophet, who was filled with the Holy Spirit and in possession of the Mind of Jesus Christ, who acted as a completely subservient to God, while he wrote what he was told to write, in the confusing way that he wrote it. The Systems of Nostradamus presents the logic that makes the Old French become a holy language, following holy rules.

Once one is able to stop trying to force the words of Nostradamus’ quatrains and letters into the box of normal syntax, one is able to begin to see a system of language that is so obvious it is overlooked. I call this language in which Nostradamus wrote the language of God, where there are fixed rules (the same as have French and all other languages) that allow for understanding to come. These rules then become the chapters of this book.

This book is not an easy read, in the sense that one does not go to a study and sit down with a book with a title like “Basics of English Composition,” and begin reading from front cover to back cover. This is likewise a textbook that serves as a teaching aid for a language, while also being a  reference guide that assists one in reading Nostradamus as a divine language (not simply French). It states the repetitious factors that are found in The Prophecies (one example being capitalization) and explains how each factor has to be read. Examples from Nostradamus’ text are then presented, with that factor’s application demonstrated, with some whole quatrains interpreted from beginning to end, based on the presence of that factor and knowing how to use its rule, so that making understanding come forth is possible.

This book is a must have for any serious student of Nostradamus, who will need to know how to read holy prophecy in the future. The same rules can be applied, generally and specifically, to all of the holy texts of the Holy Bible. In fact, it has been my understanding that originated in an ability to understand Nostradamus that has taken me to interpreting the readings that come from those sacred texts. If one can stop being blinded by thoughts of wizardry and illogical imaginations as being possible in a real world (because none of that has every really been more than trickery), then one can see how holy mysteries are indeed real; but just as the text of Nostradamus appears to be gibberish, the presence of the Holy Spirit is required so one can have the truth his holy words reveal. By working with the texts of Nostradamus, while referencing the systems pointed out in The Systems of Nostradamus, one can show God a desire to find the truth personally; and slowly one’s eyes will open to see the truth for oneself, making the result be strong and lasting. Belief can never be solely based on what one is told to believe. It must be proved on a personal, meaningful level.

I offer this book for $15.00 U.S., plus shipping.

The $25-Million Answer

3. The $25-Million Answer: How Nostradamus Told Where to Look

This book deals with the character that shaped the stage of world terrorism as it is known today – Osama bin Laden. I began writing this book in January 2011, when bin Laden had been a fugitive on the F.B.I.’s Ten Most Wanted list for nearly a decade (9 years, 4 months). From the onset of my ability to understand the quatrains of Les Propheties, which was soon after the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, I saw that someone like bin Laden was written into several poems, even knowing (based on the information surrounding that character) where a concerted search should take place.

Soon after the reward of twenty-five million dollars was offered for the arrest and capture of bin Laden, I called the local F.B.I. office and talked to a field agent, requesting a meeting a some coffee shop, so I could produce the quatrains that indicated someone very much like bin Laden and where those quatrains indicated where his leadership found refuge. I was not willing to disclose full information over the phone, and the agent suggested I call back “after he had told his superior and got approval for such a meeting.” When I got back in touch he flatly said he would not meet without more information, at which point I told him it was a “prediction” of Nostradamus. I explained I could act as a “paid advisor,” teaching them how to decipher what he wrote. If captured, I would not expect any reward money. I was told by the agent at that point, “The F.B.I. does not pay for advisers.”

The motivation to call the F.B.I. was more to offer my assistance, as a citizen; but at the same time I was hesitant about helping the U.S. government, as I have serious doubts about the trustworthiness it has earned. Nostradamus wrote about terrible times ahead, based on the corruption of the leaders of world powers (the U.S. being only one of those corrupted). Therefore, once I was rejected by that field agent, I was relieved to have been told “No.”  I was exonerated of all guilt for not doing my “patriotic duty.”

In my book The Letters of Nostradamus, the character that fits Osama bin Laden was not specifically named, so I could not speak in the voice of Nostradamus and say, “Osama bin Laden.” That character could only be identified generally, based on the words Nostradamus wrote; and no character of the future was ever specifically named [not even Adolph Hitler] by Nostradamus. While it was his naming of mythological and historical figures, whose characteristics could be projected on the characters of the future, no one of the future was referenced by specific name. Thus, all evidence that can be attributed to Osama bin Laden is solely based on general characteristics.

As the year 2010 came to a close, I felt it was time to identify that character [which many published authors of The Prophecies had also seen] in a series of quatrains that contained the word “mountain” (singular, plural, and various spelling in French).  Osama bin Laden is strongly associated with being a “mountain man.” In two of those quatrains, the same specific “mountains” were named, which was where I felt Osama bin Laden could be hiding out. Those mountains were far from the Middle East, thus no one would think to look there.  Thus, I began work writing and editing this book, which I published in April 2011.

After nine years and seven months, on May 1, 2011 (May 2 in Pakistan), the news came out that Osama bin Laden had been killed. My book had not even been out a month, so no one had purchased it. No one was wanting to get the $25 million reward, which was very quickly taken down by the F.B.I. No one ever read [well, nobody except maybe a friend or two who bought copies of the book from me] where I said Nostradamus told he would be hiding, which was not in Pakistan.

When I said that Nostradamus wrote about the corruption of world leaders as why I did not feel the F.B.I. was 100% trustworthy, let me just say that Barry Scheck (of O.J. Simpson DNA mumbo-jumbo fame … that led to jurors questioning hard evidence of a murderer) would have a field day cross-examining the Navy SEAL Team Six wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am DNA testing that they reported proved the body they threw into the Indian Ocean was Osama bin Laden’s.  We have to take the government’s word as truth … which helped Barack Obama win re-election.

Anyone ever hear how Lee Harvey Oswald told reporters, “I’m a patsy,” not long before someone shot him on live television? He was, in effect, denying he was the gunman, much less the “lone gunman” in the JFK assassination. Soon afterwards, Oswald was walked to his assassin, when the “patsy” was gunned down on live television, so Oswald could speak no more.  Did the American public buy that force-fed conclusion? Hardly.  Few believe the conclusions our tax paid dollars have paid for government investigations.

There is a show on The History Channel (“Hunting Hitler”) that has presented reason to believe that Adolph Hitler did not commit suicide in the Berlin bunker in 1945, like all the history books say. Instead, evidence shows he escaped capture and went to Argentina, where many other high ranking Nazis went also. My point is we Americans cannot always believe what we are told to believe. It is that lack of trustworthiness our government has earned, from decades of lies having been exposed.

Let me just add that I have no problem with this book being read and analyzed. Even Sasha Cohen [Borat] joked about Osama bin Laden still being alive [in The Dictator, 2012], with only a body double having been murdered. Keep in mind how Barack Obama won reelection in 2012, largely because he claimed he was the hero that killed America’s worst enemy. It forces one to ask the question: Why couldn’t America’s ace intelligence personnel capture bin Laden years earlier?

If all that was a lie, then Osama bin Laden is still out there … hiding in plain view … with no one looking for him. Knowing that is a real possibility, I suggest reading the news, especially that about the recent move by Catalonia’s efforts to secede from Spain and become an autonomous nation. Prior to that there have been increased terrorist acts in France, especially in Southern France (the region Nostradamus lived). While all of that seems disjointed and not linking together, my book makes all of that tie in with the character that is still in hiding, whose character is like Osama bin Laden’s.

I offer this book for $10.00 U.S., plus shipping.

Nostradamus and Our Lady of Fatima

4. Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima: An Interpretation by Robert Tippett

In 2012, I began writing more about Biblical interpretations, based on the abilities I had in understanding the text of Nostradamus. My wife was in seminary, so I was getting a firsthand look at how little is taught priests-to-be, as far as how one’s faith is deepened so it is enabled to deepen the faith of parishioners. One of my interests of research was an old book I had read about Marian Apparitions.

From that renewed research, I realized that Nostradamus wrote the word “Virgin” multiple places in his quatrains and letters. Simply because of the systems I had come to realize, “Virgin” brings about the essence of the Roman Catholic Church, which reveres the Virgin Mother (unlike any other Church). Several of the Marian Apparitions had the appearance of the Virgin Mary telling children (mostly) about the lack of faith that was seen in the Church. In one account she expressed anger in having to hold her Son’s arm back, from striking the Church. In the apparition at Fatima, Portugal, a prophecy was given to a girl who would become a nun later in life (Sister Lucia). That woman wrote three letters to the Pope in Rome, warning of the end of the Church, is Russia was not re-consecrated.

This view that is stated in prophecy then becomes visible as a parallel prophecy that was told by Nostradamus, three hundred years prior. It is even possible to see the same warnings coming from the quatrains, such that the quatrains can be read as prophesying a later prophecy of the world’s end. The Prophecies of Nostradamus (when reordered properly) tell of the destruction warned of by Sister Lucia in much greater detail.

I believe there is worthwhile information presented in this book, as it ties Church approved prophecies [the Marian Apparitions] with the unseen reality that Nostradamus wrote from similar divine inspiration. I enjoyed writing this book, even though the topic is the destruction of world due to a lack of faith and good leaders. I believe serious students of Nostradamus will enjoy it also, as it details how to interpret the various quatrains, based on the systems that are affixed to the divine language in which Nostradamus wrote.

I offer this book for $10.00 U.S., plus shipping.