Don’t bite down on the impeach pit

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The next presidential election is November 8, 2016.  As of this minute, there are 332 days until then.  A lot can happen in 332 days.

There is a saying: “History repeats.”  That means things happen and similar things happen again.  There is another saying that believes if you do not learn from history (i.e.: remember the mistakes), then you are doomed to repeat history.  The key to both axioms is “history.”

While there are some who love history and make good grades in school, taking history classes, most people are bored with all the dates, names, and things that happened in the past (usually long ago).  Well, it is time for a history lesson, so try to take some notes.

In 1972, Richard Milhous Nixon won reelection for a second term as president of the United States of America.  He won in a landslide, getting 60.7% of the vote and 520 of 537 electoral votes (520 – 17).

By August 9, 1974, less than two years after being inaugurated on January 20, 1973, Richard Nixon resigned as president.  He was the first and only American president to resign in office.

As far as historic things happening, it is best to write that down: “the first and only president to resign in office.”

Add below that and underline: History repeats!!!

Now the reason Richard Nixon resigned was a complex thing called Watergate, and it would bore you to tears to read about that here; so just know that a dirty little secret became exposed and in the process of Nixon trying to keep that secret hidden, he made so many people mad that they threatened to impeach him.  That threat made him resign.

Up till that time only one U.S. president had ever faced the impeachment process; but Bill Clinton became number two.  History repeats.

Now the thing about Nixon’s resignation was he still faced the threat of a trial for lying to important people and also possible criminal actions; but while Nixon was flying away to his Californian exile, his Vice President made a public speech, in which he granted Nixon a pardon for all his past actions.  That V.P. was Gerald Ford.

Now stay with me here all you youngsters, because Gerald Ford is important to understand.  He was a long-time Senator, but he had only been Vice President since December 6, 1973.  That was only 246 days serving under Richard Nixon.  Remember, a lot can happen in 332 days.

Richard Nixon’s running mate in both the 1968 and 1972 elections was Spiro Theodore Agnew.  When Nixon was elected both times, so was Agnew.  However, on October 10, 1973, Spiro Agnew resigned from office, due to admitting to the crime of tax evasion.

He had served as Nixon’s second-term Vice President for 283 days.  After Agnew’s resignation, amid the build-up of the Watergate scandal, Tricky Dick had no V.P. for 56 days.  Yep, a lot can happen in 332 days.

After Nixon resigned, Gerald Ford automatically became the president, but then he had no Vice President.  Between August 9, 1974 and December 19, 1974 (131 days) the country had no one backing up the president.  It was on December 19, 1974 that Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was approved by Congress to be the 41st Vice President of the United States.  However, that is where you have to realize that for the first time in American history neither the President or the Vice President had been elected by the general population to their offices.  No one had cast a vote for a Ford-Rockefeller ticket, prior to them becoming the leaders of this nation.

Write that down: “the first time in American history neither the President of Vice President had been elected.”

Now write down and underline: History repeats!!!

You need to be prepared for anything to happen at this point in American history.  Barack Obama could resign in office, leaving pal Joe Biden to become President.  At this point, who needs a reason to resign?  Things ARE that bad, whether or not we know it publicly.  Danger is all about us.

If Obama resigns, expect hidden plots and plans to go into action.  Joe Biden might nominate Bernie Sanders for Vice President.  Maybe Biden picks Hillary, before any criminal stuff comes out about her email server and national security breeches.  Who knows?  I doubt either would be approved by Congress in time for the November election; but if a Republican wins in 2016, then a happy Congress might say, “Go ahead Bernie.  Have fun.”

Rather than go into the Iranian Hostage history now (look it up), they did not release the hostages until the minute Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, January 20, 1981.  I expect Iran to make some history repeating actions if a Republican is elected, only prior to the inauguration date.  Look up the history of Pearl Harbor and think: “Surprise attack.”  Remember history repeats.

If Hillary Clinton wins in November 2016 <shudder>, she might be impeached over the Benghazi cover-up (a Watergate-like history repeat).  That same issue could lead to Barack Obama having impeachment threaten against him, setting up a Nixon-like resignation.  Who can say for sure at this point.  Hindsight is always 20/20, but foresight can at least see the fuzzy shapes of what is coming.

The point is not to impeach anyone in office now and set up a repeat of a President and Vice President that were placed in power by Congress.

There is something important about to happen.  Everyone senses it coming, but no one can put their finger on what it is.  Just don’t be doomed to repeat that history.  Be prepared, not surprised.



Comparing Trump to Hitler

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In an article by the Daily News yesterday (12/8/2015), reporter Shaun King stated, “Major media outlets have taken to comparing the billionaire blowhard to Adolf Hitler, another narcissist who managed to make millions of people feel increasingly unsafe.”  The front page pictured a gesturing Trump in a “sieg heil“-like position.

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The problem with another Hitler comparison (they always come up when someone is seen as tyrannical and mad) is it comes on the heels of Donald Trumps calling for all Muslims to be kept from entering the United States.  Hitler was NEVER publicly anti-Muslim.  He was well known to be antisemitic, which was a characteristic of his philosophy that most Arabs agreed with.  World War I had Kaiser-led Germany allied with Islamic Turkey-Syria-Palestine-Mesopotamia [a.k.a. The Ottoman Empire], with Lawrence of Arabia being a story of a Brit organizing some Bedouin tribesmen in Arabia (now Saudi Arabia) into making attacks on German supply trains, outposts and held cities.  Arab sentiment sided with the Nazis, due to their program against Jews, especially in Palestine, where the British were allowing more and more illegal immigrants (Jews) into Muslim land.  Because France and Britain controlled the Middle East prior to WWII, with the Soviet Union also bordering there, the Germans utilized pro-Nazi sentiment to limit the Middle East’s involvement against Eastern Europe strongholds.  A Hitler-like comparison might better fit Angela Merkel better, as she has welcomed Syrian refugees into Germany.

The bad press given to Hitler (much rightfully so) is one-sided, such that you rarely hear someone compared to Josef Stalin.  Stalin was just like Hitler, only worse.  Stalin was “another narcissist who managed to make millions of people feel increasingly unsafe,” well beyond the rule of Hitler.  Russian Prime Minster (for life) Vladimir Putin is Stalin-like, especially in the sense that he has used strong-arm tactics against Muslims in Chechnya. The whole Ukraine-Crimea-Georgia-Chechnya-Ossetia military actions, led by Putin, are worst than saying, “Don’t let any Muslims in those areas.”  It is like Stalin saying, “Russians are the majority there, so kill the Muslims who resist their rightful political support of the Motherland.”  Calling that Hitler-like would make Stalin roll over in his grave.

Still, calling Donald Trump Hitler-like, when Trump has no country that he rules yet, much less an Empire that stretches beyond the “Trump” brand, is giving him much more credit than he deserves.  That is unless those major media outlets know something the world does not yet know.  With the History Channel currently broadcasting new episodes of “Hunting Hitler,” maybe the last episode will have led to Donald Trump being the illegitimate son of ole Adolph – via artificial insemination into an unknowing surrogate, who was illegally snuck across the Texas border, gave birth in New Jersey and sold her baby to a NYC property tycoon.

Trumped up politics


I have said it before, but I will say it again.  Donald Trump is not trying to become the president of the United States.  He is trying to ensure that Hillary Clinton will grab that position, with less than 50% of the vote … much less.

In the 1992 election an “Independent,” named Ross Perot, ran for president against Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican Incumbent George H. W. Bush.  It is historically hard for a challenger, such as was Billy Boy at that time, to unseat a sitting president.  Because Ross Perot ran and gained 18.9% of the vote (albeit not enough to win any electoral votes), Bush only won 37.5% of the vote (only 31% of the electoral votes).  Clinton became president with only 43% of the popular vote, while gaining a relative landslide victory as far as the Electoral College goes (69%).

Now I do not offer any opinion about missing a second term of George Herbert Walker Bush (he said he was not a wimp), but it is important for EVERYONE to realize that the third party represented by Ross Perot was a strategy of the Democratic Party.  The same strategy is taking place now (not coincidentally with another Clinton running for the White House).

To understand this, one needs to see how Donald Trump became politically active when Ross Perot ran in 1992.  Trump’s Wikipedia bio says he considered running in 1988; however, by 1996 Trump was planning on being the Reform Candidate, replacing Perot.  Trump left the party when Perot was again nominated, disassociating himself from the Reform party due to it lacking focus.  The lack of focus was due to there no longer being a need to weaken the opposition to Bill Clinton.

Ross Perot and Donald Trump are wealthy businessmen and have no true desire to be run by the political machinery that controls all presidents.  They are parts of that machinery itself, who personally and financially benefit from the wealthy manipulating politicians.  Trump brags about that.

The recent news of Donald Trump publicly announcing the United States should forbid Muslims entry into our country will get him removed from being associated with the Republican party, which is the intent.  Trump made such statements because there is a solid (yet politically ignorant) number of American voters who totally agree with what Trump says, even though none of what he says can ever be implemented (see how inept Congress is now, and then imagine Congress trying to agree on unconstitutional Trumpisms being enacted).

That popularity is planned on.  More than motivating stay-at-home Democrats to get out and vote against Trump, Trump’s popularity will result in Republican votes moving away from whoever becomes the official Republican candidate.  If enough make up the majority vote in some states, it could mean Trump actually wins some electoral votes.

With Trump running as the 21st century revival of the Reform party, he could capture 29% of the popular vote, gaining perhaps 11 electoral votes.  On the other hand, the Republican candidate would probably be limited to 34% of the vote (instead of 63%), with Hillary Clinton winning a whopping 37% of the popular vote.  However, once again, there would appear to be an Electoral College landslide victory for Clinton – probably around 304-312 (Republican getting 224-216), more than the 270 needed.  Without Trump in the picture, with Obama and Clinton having zero popularity outside the solid Progressive movement, any Republican would win the election – possibly in a landslide (hard to do that with California, New York and Illinois always in the tank for the left).

If Hillary Clinton won 37% of the popular vote, she would get no more than 51.8 million votes.  The Republican would get 47.6 million and Donald Trump around 40.6 million.  A total of 140 million votes represent around 43.8% of the total population, or about 50% of the eligible voters.  That means 51.8 million is less than 20% of the total voter population.  For anyone to be elected the president of a nation, with roughly 19% of the populace behind that candidate, that country ceases to be majority ruled.

With the progressive left in bed with President Barack Obama since 2007, every move he has made as president has been with the intent to weaken the country and embolden its enemies.  To say everything has been carefully crafted means he is not a simpleton and unaware of his “mistakes.”  His resume of ineptitude being so obvious (based on most presidential history) assures that a change national direction is inevitable.

That would mean no chance for a Democratic candidate to be elected.  With all of the potential of criminal activities by Hillary Clinton made public, with investigations into the legality of her actions as Secretary of State, her negativity rating makes her basically unelectable.  The only chance she has comes presented to her on a silver platter by Donald Trump.

If Americans want to personally witness the complete end of the United States of America, as its ideal has stood since inception, then someone needs to wake up and see what is about to happen if they do not stop it.  A Clinton Administration will lead to the continued disarming of our nation’s abilities to defend itself, internationally and internally.  It means the end of Christian-based philosophy leading us.  It means self-inflicted suicide.  Hopefully, all those people Barack Obama said “cling to their guns and Bibles” will stay home and vote for neither Trump or Clinton; but it does not look like that is going to happen.

Because there are enough people in America who want a politician to say what Trump regularly says, there is a growing concern over the obvious threat to our national security.  The Russians are arming Iran, Syria, and bombing the opposition to Assad and ISIS (Obama’s ISIL).  The Iranians and North Koreans are saber rattling with the potential use of nukes.  American citizens want something done, rather than the nothing that has been done over the past seven years.  It is not craziness that makes one smell a dead body before opening the trunk and finding one; but the people Donald Trump plays up to are ridiculed by the press as dimwitted racists, when only a small percentage of them really fit that description.

Perhaps, after global thermonuclear war has eliminated most civilization from the planet and if what is now called North America can scrounge up 40.6 million people in that aftermath, maybe they might be all those who voted for Trump.  Possibly it will be God saving the only ones who could see how bleak the future really was.  If Trump survives and another election is held, getting him 100% of that vote, then he will become a truly democratic president, not an oligarchical tyrant.  Since America is still great now, despite having being weakened by the progressive liberals since the 1990’s, in a future that has America destroyed by political manipulation, then Trump might actually be able to “make America great again.”